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5 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money And How To Manage It

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Wise words sung by Whitney Houston.  Words that carry so much weight but how do we as parents, as a society, teach those kids in ways that will carry them successfully through the future? As parents, we strive to…

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Smart Advice For Messy Bookkeeping – Fixing Problem Accounting Functions

Are your books and financials a mess? “It’s a mess!” A statement that accountants hear from business owners regarding their bookkeeing and financials on a regular basis. What is important to recognize is when to seek professional help. If you are reading this article it is likely because you are thinking you may be in…

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5 Important Things Your Financial Statements Reveal

Your financial statements are the window into the soul of your business. Learn why. You are a successful business owner. You are making sales. But you have no idea why you are losing money each month? Are things as good as you believed them to be? Running a successful business is a lot more than…

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Harness Your Super Power – Why Introvert Entrepreneurs Are Unsung Hero’s

Introvert Entrepreneur. Is that even a thing? It may be less common to find an introvert at the helm of a company, commonly those in positions of power in business are extroverted by nature. They are the charismatic, outgoing and often boisterous characters that capture the attention of the masses and inspire confidence in the…

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Back To Business

It is that bitter sweet time of year when children head back to school.  Many business owners put their business growth on the back burner during the summer months to enjoy the summer vacation with their families, but once the kids are gone you must get back in the swing of things. Like the children…

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Accounting Errors That Will Cost Your Business Money

  Accounting Errors That Will Cost Your Business Money Accounting is a significant part of any business endeavor and is not as easy as adding and subtracting. Small businesses often think of handling their own accounting to save money. While it can be helpful to process transactions quickly with an accounting software program, paying to…

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Running A Family Business – Tips That Can Save You Drama

When finding the ideal person to go into a business venture with can be overwhelming, it is no surprise that many people turn to a family member to bring their entrepreneurial vision to life. Running a family business with your spouse, sibling or cousin as your partner can pose a different set of struggles outside…

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How Your Business Can Create a Healthy Work – Life Balance

Work – life balance has been a tricky thing to achieve for many of us. In our technologically driven world, where we find ourselves increasingly tethered to our smart phones, tablets and laptops, more business owners and their employees find it hard to escape their jobs when it so often follows them everywhere they go…

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5 Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business

Unless you are an accountant or a fan of working with numbers, bookkeeping is probably not your favourite task. But adopting some good habits early can help you avoid costly errors when it comes to record keeping. You probably keep a lot of the financial details of your business in your head: which supplier you…

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How to Find the Right Online Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Finding an online bookkeeping service provider is very easy but a qualified bookkeeping services provider that will provide services tailored to your business needs and also add value to your business is quite hard. So in this post we are going to share with you a checklist that will help you choose a good online bookkeeping service…

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