Whether it's a monthly plan, a collection of services or periodic support, we have the solution for you.


We have a selection of plans starting at $199 per month or customize one to suit your individual business needs. Thinkbooks’ fixed monthly plans mean that you always know how much your bookkeeper is going to cost you. No hidden surprises.


Choose one or a selection of services on a one time basis, quarterly or periodically. We have a full range of services to meet all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs, when you need them. Contact us today for a free consultation.

System Setup

Need help setting up your Bookkeeping?

Has your business out grown your current accounting system? We can make things a lot easier and less time consuming by setting up and maintaining and training you on a system that suits you and your business. In turn you will receive up to date reports that will take the guesswork out of determining how your business is growing not to mention peace of mind.

Data Entry & Reconciliations

Need help correctly entering your transactions?

This is the time consuming task that most of you loathe – hence you leave it to later, much later. Let Thinkbooks take the headache away. We will enter your data using your deposit books, cheque books, invoices, cash receipts and bank statements into your computerized accounting package. We will reconcile your bank accounts regularly and ensure that your income and expenses are allocated correctly.

The Shoe Box

Need help organizing things outside the box and getting everything filed?

Take your records beyond a shoebox. We know that there are some of you out there that up until now never felt the need to record your business transactions. The “file it and forget it” mentality no longer works for you or unfortunately the government. We will take your Shoebox and organize all your receipts, invoices and statements so that you have what you need to file your taxes or set-up a record keeping solution.

System Overhaul

Does your current system need a boost or facelift?

We can give your internal systems a complete overhaul, recommending where necessary more efficient and cheaper options to make your record keeping a simple and stress-free experience. Tell us where you need help and we will ensure you get it. We can teach you to use your computer bookkeeping package more effectively and show you how this can link into your other records to give you the information you need in time to act on it.


Need help with paying your employees?

Payroll is another one of those time consuming tasks that must be done and done right. Thinkbooks can do all of it or some of it. We can help you with the day-to-day calculations and queries and make producing group certificates easier. Up to date information means access to reports that will keep both you and the employees happy.

Tax Filings

Need help filing your business taxes?

We all know that the only sure things in life are death and taxes. As we wish everyone lives long and prosperous, filing your taxes every year is another thing. We can help you to organize your records and information to get things filed right and on time, while minimizing what you pay. Whether you have been able to file on time every year or you are 5 years behind in reporting to the government. We can help to relieve the stress.

Receivables Management

How about some support with customer invoices?

We all know that if the invoices are not done, the customers do not pay. This can cause problems with your cash flow. Thinkbooks can help you with all of your receivables. We can input your invoices; prepare reports that enable you to monitor customers and even collect outstanding debt if necessary. Our aim is to help you get the money into your bank.

Payables Management

Need help organizing your expenses and vendors?

Like receivables, monitoring your payables is important to the business. We will keep your records up to date so that you know who and what you owe. This in turn means that your HST credits are allocated correctly and kept current. Allowing you to reduce your remittances as well as keep profitability in check.

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